Wdl, Warjetz Playstation 2

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Betreft Engelstalige game voor playstation 2. 

It's Wednesday night and time to fight in te World Destruction Legee's latest contribution to telvised mega-destruction and mayhem: Warletz"!

The brawl take ro the unfriedly skies, separating the rookies from the pres in an aerial battle for the ellimate title of Airlord.

Trave from wilderness to wastelabd, taking on opposing "gangs"while ransacking their aircraft and weaponry for your own arsenal. It's every pilot
for himself in this destruction derby (by) (at) 5000 feet.

FEATURES: 5 Ways tot Fly the Not-So-Friendly Skies:
1-player campaign or 4 types of 2-player tournement action

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